Q: I did'n get the email verify
A: Did you check spambox?

Q: I get kicked for disconnect.spam even i am not spamming
A: Contact Owner to fix that. He forgot to change it again

Q: Why i am banned?
A: It should saying why you banned. You can apply a unban here or purchase unban here

Q: Can i be staff?
A: You can apply here

Q: Where is server located?
A: Server is located somewhere in Germany, Europe

Q: Do you have Discord Server?
A: Yes. You can click here to join

Q: I see someone is hacking or rulebreaker. How i report them?
A: You can report on Forum or using in-game command /report

Q: What mods are allowed?
A: Check rules

Q: How i can be VIP?
A: Getting VIP is difficulty to get. To get it, you need to get to know the owner. Talking through him is not counted

Q: Can I check my previous applications?
A: Yes. It's on your account. https://forum.norgecraft.net/user/submissions/

Q: What are Application Required?
A: You can check it here