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It's been almost 1 years and it's only Survival. But now so will NorgeCraft release new server Creative. Build, Creative, and show others players what you build! Coming in 2021. Good luck!
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Thanks to Qustrix and Brillesmurf to helping me build a new Survival 1.16 spawn! Here it's a screenshot of new spawn! We are also gonna build new hub spawn as well! We also trying to open the server for everyone as soon as possible! Release date is on our Discord Server
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So since last time they i hosted, it isn't great. Slow connections, don't access to cPanel and yep. So i switch different host and this time, it's got faster connections and i access to cPanel as well. Unfortunately, all users and forum is reseting because i don't have access to cPanel and MySQL so i can't backup. So you need to register it again.
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Copy and paste it to apply your Staff Application How old are you? -  What timezone are you? (CEST, CET etc..) -  What language can you speak? -  What country are you coming from? -  Why should you be staff? -  Do you have working mic? -  What's your Discord Username (including your tag) -  Please don't say "I filled the application" or "done", we are looking for ourselves. You will get reply within 72 hours If you don't use correct format, that is straight rejected
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